Green Statement

Here at Riding Farm we are committed to providing good quality service while actively reducing our environmental impact. To this end we offer the following:

  1. Recycling of glass, paper, plastic and cans. We encourage our guests and safe to do the same by providing recycling bins on site and in our cottages and bedrooms.
  2. Compost caddies are provided for guests wishing to compost their food waste and compost bins are used by all at the farm.
  3. Using recycled paper and products wherever possible
  4. Energy saving light bulbs are used throughout the properties
  5. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  6. Insulation in our loft spaces to increase energy efficiency double glazing throughout all our properties
  7. Buying locally where possible
  8. Free bike storage we encourage our guests bring there bikes or hire bikes
  9. Provide maps of all the walks around the farm
  10. Rainwater collection for the garden
  11. Using email and our website to promote Riding Farm where possible

These actions to make Riding Farm sustainable have taken place in a wider context of environmental improvement for wildlife.

  1. Encouraging bird life through erecting nesting boxes and through year-round feeding at the garden bird tables
  2. Encouraging other wildlife through activities such as erecting bat boxes, planting insect-attractive plants in the garden, creating dead wood piles in the woodland and leaving dead trees standing
  3. Maintaining all footpaths through the farm and woodlands
  4. Growing 3 hectares of wild bird mix for winter feeding of wild birds and wildlife
  5. Introducing 6 metre grassland strips for nesting birds insects and wildlife
  6. Membership of FWAG and The Countryside Stewardship Scheme

We have now joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme which provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. If you support our aims you can:

  • Recycle glass, paper, tins and plastic bottles through our recycling scheme
  • Switch off lights TV DVD when leaving a room and turn down heaters rather than opening a window to cool a room down
  • Encourage guests to recycle
  • Using a Guest towel agreement
  • Use shops selling local produce - see your information file for more on this
  • Leave the car behind sometimes and walk or cycle
  • Guest bird watching reference books and records
  • Fill in our feedback form on leaving to let us know how our environmental policies have affected your holiday.

Please ask if you would like to know more about our environmental policy or the actions we have taken.